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An event where employers/companies educate students on different career paths and can give students useful contacts and information. more info
An event in which students compete in a science or a specific career field-based competition. more info
Cooperative education where a student can integrate work-based learning into their education. They can maintain their educational path while working full-time in the business of their choosing. more info
Educational experience for teachers to go into businesses where they can learn about different careers by shadowing professionals. Allows teachers to educate their students about potential career paths. more info
A professional in the workforce who speaks to students and answers questions about their particular career and personal career path. more info
A program that lasts a couple of months and allows a student to learn through helping an employer by completing assignments designated by their employer. more info
A short-term program where students follow a professional throughout their day. more info
A professional that a student can learn, seek advice from, and build a relationship with within their specified career path. more info
A professional that a teacher can learn from and build a relationship with so that teacher can educate students on that career. more info
A practice interview in which a student can use their interview skills and receive feedback on how they can better prepare for an actual interview. more info
Training in which a student can learn from a professional through doing a specific job in a career field. more info
A month-long career awareness program for middle school students to learn about potential careers as well as the skills needed for those jobs. more info
Tours provided by professionals at a place of work to interested students. more info
Educational experiences where students can learn from professionals through work and training with them over a period of time. Students receive hands-on experience and begin building their careers. more info